I kinda promised a friend that I would at least do one entry in English, so here I go ;)

As an intern I have gotten to know A LOT of people from A LOT of different countries. It´s nice to know that where ever I go now, I will have someone to visit (and of course I am expecting a lot of people to come visit me as well). The sad part about getting to know new people, is saying goodbye. And unfortunately, people come and go here at the Court. The past week we had to say goodbye to two great guys from the Dominican Republic: Freddy and José.

This is me and my favorite dominicanos ;)

Freddy and the girls at his goodbye-party at the Court. Tigre!

There is one (but only one) good thing about saying goodbye...


José´s biggest wish was to go skating for his farewell-party. We did, and José impressed big-time with his moves on the dance floor ;) Ok, so maybe that´s an overstatement, seeing as he barely moved away from the wall, but we had a lot of fun!

iii We´ll miss you !!!

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22.feb.2011 kl.06:04

Gracias amiga!

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25, Rælingen

Når jeg nå nok en gang befinner meg i utlandet, må bloggingen gjenopptas. Denne gangen fra Chile, hvor jeg jobber på den norske ambassaden i Santiago. Legg gjerne igjen en hilsen!